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BLOG TOUR - Prophecy of the Most Beautiful by Diantha Jones (Guest Post & Giveaway) @dianthajones @NereydaG1003

Prophecy of the Most Beautiful by Diantha Jones
Release Date: 03/01/12
Summary from Goodreads:
She has a destiny so great that even the gods fear her.

Constant hallucinations and the frequent conversations with the voices in her head, have earned eighteen-year-old Chloe Clever the not-so-coveted title of "Whack Job" in her home town of Adel, Georgia. Fed up with prescription meds and therapists, she wishes for a life where she is destined to be more than the butt of everyone's jokes and mockery.

Be careful what you wish for has never rung more true.

After a vicious attack and learning that her favorite rockstar is an Olympian god, she is thrust into her new life as the Oracle of Delphi, the prophesier of the future. Setting out to fulfill the prophecy she has been given, Chloe learns of how great she is to become, all the while fighting mythical monsters and trying to outwit the ever-cunning Greek gods who harbor secrets of their own. While on a mission to discover the Most Beautiful, she strives to uncover the mysteries of the demigod Prince who has sworn to protect her with his life…and threatens to win her heart in the process.

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The Oracle of Delphi Series: Modernizing the Greek Gods

This was actually a lot harder than it seems.

The Oracle of Delphi series takes place in modern times so I felt the gods had to be modern too. And not just in their attire, but in their speech and mannerisms too. This was sometimes difficult because I wanted them to keep their “ancient” quality as well. It was quite the balancing act.

Take Apollo, god of the Sun, for instance. He's a rockstar with dreadlocks and tattoos, yet I feel he still radiates with archaic power. Dionysus owns a nightclub, Hermes wears his hats flipped backward, and Artemis is...well...wild. I don't want to spoil all the fun, but you get the picture I think. Even in their speech, they're very in on the times. I just adore the way Apollo and Dio(nysus) talk.

One great thing about the series is that the gods are still as manipulative and untrustworthy as they were in the myths. Turn your back for a second and there's no telling what they might do. Talk about stuck in your ways! They haven't changed a bit in all the centuries they've been around! But that's half the fun of it. It's what gives the dieties their historical value, in a sense.

I make it sound pretty simple, but it wasn't. Finding the perfect balance was a pain because it was so important that I get it right. From what I'm hearing, I did a pretty good job of it, but there's still so much more to come! Can't wait!

About the Author:
Diantha Jones was born the day thousands of turkeys sacrificed their lives to fill millions of American bellies on November 22 which also happened to be Thanksgiving Day (Her mother says she owes her a turkey). She is a Journalism graduate who wants to be a career novelist (of books, not Facebook posts). When not writing or working, she is reading on her Nook, being hypnotized by Netflix or on a mission to procure french fries.

The Oracle of Delphi fantasy series is her first series. She is also the author of Mythos: Stories from Olympus, a companion series, and there is another fantasy series in the works. She also writes (new) adult fantasy/paranormal romance under the name A. Star.

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  1. Hestia is quiet and peaceful and without her the world would would fall. =) Donna @ BookPforLife

  2. One of my favourite Greek Gods is Apollo not only because he's awesome and I loved him in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, but because a character in my favourite tv series (Battlestar Galactica) has the nickname Apollo!


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