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**Due to moving and a backlog of reviews, Yvonne is currently not accepting any review requests until further notice. Exceptions may be made to authors she has previously reviewed for.**


Tia and Yvonne are the reviewers on the blog. See below for individual reviewers preferences.

Formats accepted:
We accept both e-books and hard copies. 

 Where we post:
We post reviews on the blog, on Amazon US under our own name and on Goodreads on our personal pages. If you would like us to post your review somewhere else as well please state so.

Rating System:
We rate books on a scale of 1-5, 
i.e 1 = we did not like the book at all, 5 = we loved the book

When will our review be up?
Due to work and college commitments we cannot guarantee when a review will be up. We make exceptions for Blog Tours and ARCs if a time frame is stated. We try to be as efficient as possible but life can get in the way.

When accepted:
We always give honest reviews so be prepared for negative reviews if we do not like your book.  Acceptance does not always guarantee a review.

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A little about the reviewers. . .


I will review books which fall under the categories of YA, - with the main character being no younger than sixteen or in some circumstances fifteen- NA and adult books - where the protagonist is no older than thirty and would not be married (unless at a younger age) or have children. I usually try to maintain an age limit between fifteen and thirty as it is easier for me to relate to characters within this age group as I am in my early twenties. I will, however, stray outside this age group if the character is either extremely mature for a teenager or an adult over thirty who is kind of a child at heart.

With regards to genres I will review books that fall under Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, (some) Dystopian and Contemporary Fiction. I will read horror or thriller/crime books if the book captures my attention but I usually don't read within those genres.

I do, however, have a reader that will review Adult Romance books outside my own age limit and another that will review Thriller/Crime books.

I hope that I have provided all the information needed. For general questions you can contact me at: but please fill out the form for review requests.



**Due to moving and a backlog of reviews I am not accepting any review requests until further notice. Exceptions may be made to authors I have previously reviewed for.**

I review mainly YA and NA books where the main characters are at least sixteen. I will also review some adult books where the character is no older than 30 and doesn't have kids or is not married. This helps me to relate better to the characters. I sometimes make exceptions to this, however, in the case of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal books.

I review Paranormal, Dystopian, Contemporary, Thriller, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and some Sci-fi. I do not review middle-grade, autobiographies, non-fiction and books with strong religious themes.

The majority of books I read I like to have some element of romance in them as I am a romantic at heart. Does not have to be main focus of story. 

If  you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at:

- Yvonne


If you would like us to review a book, please fill out this form
We will try to get in contact as soon as we can but make sure to state what date you would like the review so we can prioritize deadlines. Thank you and happy writing. :)

For general inquiries you can contact us at:

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