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RELEASE DAY BLITZ - How to Seduce a Band Geek by Cassie Mae @cassiecook2 @swoonromance

How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To #2)
by Cassie Mae

Release Date: 05/06/14
Swoon Romance

Sierra Livingston’s got it bad for her sister’s best friend, Levi Mason—the boy who carries his drumsticks in his pocket, marches with the school’s band, and taps his feet to whatever beat runs through his head. Sierra racks her brain for ways to impress the sexy drummer, but the short skirts and bursting cleavage don’t seem to cut it.

When Sierra gets paired with Levi’s sister, Brea, for a mentorship program, they strike a deal. In exchange for Sierra keeping her mouth shut about Brea ditching the program, Brea lets Sierra dig for more info on Levi to help get the guy of her dreams.

But when Sierra discovers Levi no longer plays the drums, his family has moved into a trailer, and he’s traded in his Range Rover for a baby blue moped, Sierra’s not sure if she can go through with violating his privacy. She’ll have to find the courage to ask him straight out—if he’s willing to let her in—and explore other ways to seduce the school’s band geek.

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I pull out my notebook and doodle his name all over the page while I wait for him to walk in the room. The saxophone players are the closest to me, and they’re smack-talking the flutists. I’m stifling my laughter when one of them makes a comment about how Sammy’s (flute chair one) blow form is all screwed up and she needs practice.
“How she got first chair is beyond me. She has no embouchure.”
“And she needs desperate help with her fingering.”
“Yeah, and Ms. Hamilton wants her to take Levi ‘under her wing.’ Seriously, I can teach him better fingering than she can. And I’m a sax player.”
“Flutists get special treatment. It’s a bunch of crap.”
Wait, back it up. They said Levi somewhere in there. My eyes flick up to the three saxophonists, or whatever they’re called. One of the girls is looking straight across the half circle of band players. I follow her gaze to the flutists, and right there in front, is Levi pulling out this teeny tiny stick from the small case he’s been carrying around all day.
Is that an instrument? It’s like the size of my forearm. Maybe not even that.
What happened to his drums?

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About the Author:
Amazon multi-category and international bestselling author of HOW TO DATE A NERD, HOW TO SEDUCE A BAND GEEK and HOW TO HOOK A BOOKWORM

Cassie Mae is a nerd to the core from Utah, who likes to write about other nerds who find love. Her angel children and perfect husband fan her and feed her grapes while she clacks away on the keyboard. Then she wakes up from that dream world and manages to get a few words on the computer while the house explodes around her. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with the youth in her community as a volleyball and basketball coach, or searching the house desperately for chocolate.

Cassie Mae is an Amazon.com bestselling author of the teen contemporary romance novel REASONS I FELL FOR THE FUNNY FAT FRIEND, which she self-published. In addition to publishing with Swoon Romance, she is published by Random House Flirt.

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