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Act Like You Love Me by Cindi Madsen

Title: Act like you Love Me
Author: Cindi Madsen
Series: Accidentally in Love
Publication Date: 10th June 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
My Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary:

All’s fair in acting and amore…

 Brynn McAdams isn’t the awkward drama geek she was in high school—she’s grown up and confident, or at least she likes to think so. But when her old crush, the impossibly handsome and impossibly unattainable Sawyer Raines, comes back to town to direct her community play, Brynn finds herself determined to be someone other than the girl he doesn’t even recognize. Good thing she’s an excellent actress.  

After his bad breakup in NYC, the last thing Sawyer wants is to get involved with another actress. But the glamorous and beautiful Brynn draws him in, even though as her director, he knows she’s off-limits. There’s just something about the woman that feels…familiar. Like home.  

As Brynn’s lies start to snowball, she struggles to stop acting and come clean. But what if Sawyer is already falling for the fake Brynn, not the Brynn she truly is? 

My Review

I don't know what to say about this book. I liked the idea. I thought it would be a really good story but I just couldn't help but hate the main character. Brynn just really annoyed me. She was so hung up on what happened in high school and blamed what happened to her on the people that weren't involved and had nothing to do with her being unpopular. 

When Sawyer arrives she immediately acts coldly towards him because he does not recognise her which is understandable especially after the way she believes he acted towards her in the past. 

However, she finds out the reason why and yet she still holds a grudge. I just could not wrap my head around such selfish behaviour and it caused me to dislike the book a great deal.

It did make me want to read the first book in the Accidentally In Love series, Falling for her Fiance, though. I much preferred this story which leads me to believe that the author made Brynn's character that selfish on purpose, in contrast to the ones in the first book.

The story itself was a good idea. I liked the background stories for the characters and how they learned to resolve their issues at the end.

I am giving this book 3 stars because the story was good and out of respect to the author  I felt anything lower would not be fair.



  1. I'm currently reading this and I'm on the same page as you. I had a crush on a guy from elementary all the way to high school and he shot me down. If I saw him today I would not hold it against him. But then again, I'm married now. LoL I'm hoping that Brynn starts maturing up soon otherwise this is going to take me forever to read.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. Sorry this wasn't quite your cup of tea!

  3. Yeah I just couldn't get past it but in saying that I read it in a day so it wasn't like it was really hard to get through it's just my dislike for the character that didn't help, she did get better don't worry. -T


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