Sunday, 2 June 2013

New! Authors interviewing authors post

Hey guys!

So I have a new exciting post idea. I have some awesome authors who are going to take part to let you get to know them better.
So first, what is it?
Well, I've noticed that some bloggers find in difficult (myself included) to come up with new questions or questions they think the author will want to answer and the readers will want to hear. So, I thought why not ask the authors what they want to be asked and then - being the evil person I am - pose those questions to another author? Now I'm left with authors interviewing authors and it just seems like much more fun, because lets face it they're a lot more creative than me. :P
I had originally intended to start this in July but I'm going to do one today so that you can all get a taste for what's to come. So keep close and you'll get to find out some interesting facts about the authors you know and love. :)


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