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Book Blitz: The Queen of the Realm of Faerie by Heidi Garrett Excerpt and Giveaway

Title: True Love's First Kiss
Author: Heidi Garrett
Series: The Queen of the Realm of Faerie 1-3
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication date: June 18th 2013

In the Enchanted World, true love’s first kiss is magic.

Nandana’s Mark, Book 1: When two half-faeries—Melia and her younger sister—are cursed under dreadful circumstances, true love’s first kiss is the remedy.

The Flower of Isbelline, Book 2: Nothing but true love’s first kiss can save Melia’s younger sister from blind ambition and ruin.

The Dragon Carnivale, Book 3: Melia must choose the freedom she cherishes or true love’s first kiss—and a relationship that promises to secure her place in the Whole.

The Queen of the Realm of Faerie is a fairy tale fantasy series that bridges the Mortal and Enchanted worlds. The main character, Melia, is an eighteen-year-old half-faerie, half-mortal. She lives in Illialei, a country in the Enchanted World, with her two sisters and their mother. Melia’s father has been exiled to the Mortal World, and her best friend is a pixie.

When the story opens in the first book, Melia is troubled by her dark moon visions, gossip she overhears about her parents at the local market, and the trauma of living among full-blooded faeries with wings—she doesn’t have any.

As the series unfolds, the historic and mystical forces that shape Melia’s life are revealed. Each step of her journey—to find the place where she belongs—alters her perceptions about herself, deepens her relationships with others, and enlarges her world view.

True Love’s First Kiss is a compilation of the first three books in this ongoing series.



Title: The Dragon Carnivale
Author: Heidi Garrett
Series: The Queen of the Realm of Faerie, #3
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication date: June 18th 2013

Energies in the Enchanted World are shifting and new alliances are forming; the Battle of Dark and Light has begun. The half-faerie Melia is desperate to make things right with Ryder, the young priest from Idonne, but first she must warn the halfbloods in the Mortal World that Umbra is coming for them, and face the powerful Dragonwitch and her spectacular Dragon Carnivale



Heidi Garrett is the author of The Queen of the Realm of Faerie series. Her personal message to all her readers is:

Once upon a time, you lived in an enchanted world, too…

May you always see the magic in your life.

The Queen of the Realm of Faerie includes many strong female characters within an intricate fantasy land. It is also a fairy tale fantasy.

The first book, Nandana’s Mark, is one of those free ebooks; the second book, The Flower of Isbelline, is now available; and the third book, The Dragon Carnivale, will be released in June 2013.

Heidi's hope is that when you read her books, you will rediscover the enchantment in your own life.

She currently resides in Eastern Washington State with her husband and their two cats. So far, she loves the snow. Being from the South, she finds it very magical.

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A bright light danced at the end of the hall. Melia’s heart stopped. She covered Tatou’s glow with her wings. “Shhh.”
The light moved past them.
“I’m sure they entered the library.”
It was the same girlish voice that had called to them from the top of the stairs.
“Moonlight and shadows can play tricks on your eyes, Princess.”
Great. Princess Lilliane, Queen Luisa’s daughter—Melia had hoped it had been one of her attendants—was searching for them with one of the knights.
“Maybe, but I’m not the one who let the palace librarian escape, am I?” she said.
Uncle Raffles escaped? The back of Melia’s neck pinched again.
“I’ll station a guard at the door.”
“I’d station more than one. The half-bloods are full of tricks. Check that window.”
“Of course.” Something heavy dragged along the floor. A dull thud and grunt followed by a sharp rap. “It’s closed tight. Nothing came through here.”
“I want you to check them all; make sure they’re locked.”
“As soon as I escort you back to your rooms.”
“You expect me to sleep while wanted fugitives wander freely through the palace? No wonder the old elf got away.” Lilliane’s contempt tightened her voice into something nasal and harsh. A light swept past the hallway. “I know you’re here, Cousin. You and your little pixie friend.” Her voice faded as she addressed the knight. “You better find them. The queen won’t be pleased if they get away.”
“Of course, Princess. Would you like to supervise the search?”
“No. Escort me to the Rose Garden—”
“Do you think they’re there?” the knight asked.
“No. I need to get…”
The princess and the knight’s conversation faded. What did Lilliane need to get? Melia hopped towards the end of the hall to hear more. She peeked around an enormous bookshelf. Several shadows stretched across the end of the aisle. More knights.
“She’s going to get her black roses,” one of them said. “I told you, she uses their petals for black magic.”
Cold fear pressed Melia’s heart. Everything seemed unreal.
“Come on,” Tatou squeaked behind her.
“There has to be an open window. We need to find it before they lock us in here.”


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