Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hooked by Liz Fichera

Goodreads Description

When Native American Fredricka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team, she can’t say no. This is an opportunity to shine, win a scholarship and go to university, something no one in her family has done. 

But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger, whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for Fred.

But there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile...


My Review


I received this as an ARC from
This story is one of the few that I have read recently which is exactly as it is described. Fred is the only female member of a boys golf team which on its own can cause some controversy but on top of that she is one of the few students in the school who lives  on the nearby reservation which leaves room for discrimination because of her race and her lack of wealth. Unlike all the boys on the team whose fathers have memberships to golf clubs, Fred's father works at one.
From the beginning of the story Fred is struggling against all odds to win a scholarship and escape the life she is currently living. With problems at home and at school she fights through it all to get a life she deserves but fighting gets tough at times.
Ryan has every reason to hate Fred. She took the spot of his best friend on the golf team without having to even try out. Despite his loyalty to his friend he can't help but acknowledge the strength of  this girl and watching her struggle he becomes fascinated.
Between these two characters fighting for what they want takes courage and a lot of will power. This story has plenty of twists and turns and will probably bring tears to your eyes. It's a nail biting and heart wrenching journey and worth the read.


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