Tuesday 9 December 2014

Book Tour: Life in the No-Dating Zone by Patricia B. Tighe

Life In The No Dating Zone
Release Date: 12/02/14
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:
After surviving her parents' relationship drama when her older sister elopes, Claire Gardner vows not to date during high school. Now, three years later, Claire is thrust into new relationship drama--her two best friends have boyfriends. Which means Claire is spending more and more time alone. And she's more than a little peeved.

Enter Gray Langley. His year-long crush on Claire's friend Lindsey has made him desperate enough to ask Claire for help. Hesitant at first, Claire agrees--anything to get rid of Lindsey's current evil boyfriend. But as Claire and Gray plot together, an attraction develops, and now she must decide if being with Gray is worth the pain that will come from confronting her parents with the reasons for her vow.

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About the Author 
I'm not the writer who's been writing for as long as she can remember. In fact, I didn't start writing fiction until I was almost thirty. But, I've always been a reader. Which, of course, is one of the basic requirements for being a writer. I've read everything from horse novels and spy thrillers to historical romance and fantasy sagas—and lots in between. There's something wondrous about picking up a book and entering a new world with new adventures. And I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

When I'm not reading, I hang out with my husband and two old dogs, plus my grown sons whenever I get the chance. In the fall I spend way too much time yelling at my TV while watching football. I'm also addicted to British TV shows. Top Gear, anyone?

Oh, yeah. And I write. Kissing books. Or at least books that include kissing. Hope you enjoy them!

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My Review

My first impression of this premise was good. I love stories about set-ups turning out differently to how they were planned. The blurb made me really want to read this book and I am so glad I did.
I really enjoyed the story and how sweet most of it was. There were some moments where Gray just had me hooked so completely with his adorable, sweetness. Not to sound like a clich├ęd reviewer but I really preferred the male lead over the female. His shallowness at the beginning did annoy me though, but he redeemed himself later on.
I obviously had some issues with the story, as you can see from my rating. Some of these problems were with Claire and her foolish behaviour and thoughts but most of the time it had to do with her so-called friends. In truth I was probably more angry with her not standing up for herself properly. These situations kind of made me feel disbelief at times. Claire, too, redeemed herself somewhat throughout the book but unfortunately her friend did not.
I had a lot of questions at the end of the book so that did not help either.
For the most part I liked it all and I read it mostly in one sitting so it did grab my attention. I just found it difficult to enjoy completely when I couldn't look passed some character flaws.



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