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REVIEW - Secret Catch by Cassie Mae and Jessica Salyer

Title: Secret Catch 
Authors: Cassie Mae and Jessica Salyer
Release Date: October 7th 2014
Genres: YA Contemporary Romance
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Source: Bought ebook

Tyler Koontz is Trojan gold all the way. There’s nowhere he loves to be more than on the football field.

Sam Nolan is Skyhawk red born and raised. With her mom's alcohol problem and her dad's recent death, she lives for her little brother who is a big football fanatic.

There’s one rule in this town...

Trojans and Skyhawks don’t date. EVER.

So when Tyler and Sam fall fast and hard for each other, what are they to do? Keep it a secret of course.

The problem is in a town this small, secrets don’t stay secret for long.


I'm gonna start off this review by saying that I adore Cassie Mae's books. Seriously love them. And even though I did really enjoy this one I have to say it's not my favourite by her. There were a couple of things that I didn't like and so I'm not really sure how to rate it. At first I gave it 4.5. But then I thought about it for a bit and felt that maybe that was a bit generous. A 3-3.5 would have been too low I thought so I settled on 3.75-4. 
I'll start off by stating what I liked. I loved the characters of Sam and Tyler for the most part, especially Tyler. He was so cute and adorable and I loved the banter and chemistry the two of them had. Sam was a really strong character for most of the story and I liked that she stuck up for herself (most of the time) and went after what she wanted. There were plenty of laughs to be had and the overall story was well written. There were also a few secondary characters that I would love to have books about. Particularly Tyler's brother Hunter.

Now one of the things that I didn't like was the insta-love. This is just my own personal feelings but 95% of the time I really cannot stand insta-love. And this was one of them sadly. I know this was probably just going along with the whole Romeo & Juliet theme but it just wasn't for me. I would have liked their relationship to have been a bit more fleshed out.
Another thing that bugged me was the whole rivalry thing. Are there really towns like this in America? Because to me it felt really over-done and wasn't that believable. If that was the whole point then fair enough, I can go along with that. But there were still a couple of other things that didn't feel very believable.

Although there were a few things that irked me, for the most part I did really enjoy the book. I got through it in a day so it was a very quick read. Apart from the rivalry, I really liked the American football aspect. I may not know a whole lot (ok hardly anything :P) about American football but I liked reading about it. I suggest everyone give this book a shot because while I didn't love it, you might :)

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