Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review: Deus by Nely Cab

Title: Deus

Author: Nely Cab

Series: Creatura, #0.5

Publication Date: April 2013

Genre: YA, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5

I received this book to review.

Goodreads summary:

It’s the dawn of time and Deus is in charge of creating the entire Universe…only, creating things for no one but him to see is a bit pointless and truly lonesome. Deus molds Starr as a companion, but she could care less about Deus’s creations, being oblivious to the importance of it all. As if he didn't already have the entire weight of the Universe on his shoulders—literally—now, he has to deal with an irritable and beastly girl. Deus might be immortal, but he fears Starr will be the death of him. In this never-ending love story, the fate of the future is anything but child’s play…or is it? 

Deus is a prequel novella that expands and enriches the realms in the Creatura Series by Nely Cab. The story will appeal to present fans and welcome new admirers to its world.

My Review

This is the cutest, sweetest book I have ever read. Simply beautiful.

The book takes place in the same world as Creatura. It tells the full love story of Deus and Starr. We get a glimpse of this in Creatura but now the fans can read the full story. I did not think that it was necessary to read Creatura to read Deus nor is it necessary to read this to read Creatura. But it is definitely worth the read.

Deus created the world or Terra as it is known and as he did not want to enjoy it alone, he created from himself a companion, Starr. However, this idea did not work out as he had planned as he soon discovers when he realises that Starr has a mind and will all on her own. He realises that he must not take this away from her, even though he can, because a person's feelings should not be manipulated.

Starr is affronted by the knowledge that she was created for the sole purpose of being the companion to Deus. She does not like that she had no choice in the matter and that there is no other meaning to her existence.

The story is told from both their perspectives, following the year in which they learn to live and love and grow, from the children they started out as to mature adults.

Nely Cab has a beautiful way with words. She creates an amazing world with poetic language that has no rival in modern story telling. In this story she uniquely portrays the creation of the world, it's gods and the existence of humanity.

I loved this book because of the adorable way in which Deus and Starr grew up together, learning and maturing instead of being instantly wise and all-knowing. I liked how they learned from humanity and had to figure out how to survive on their own.

In conclusion I give this book 5 stars, for the descriptions, language, originality and simply charming story. This is the perfect book for an afternoon read.


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