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REVIEW - Dirt by K.F. Ridley

Title: Dirt 
Author: K.F. Ridley
Publisher: Little Roni Publishers
Expected publication: December 25th 2012
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
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Source: eARC from Author

From another world, they came for her blood.

Up until now, my life has been simple,
uncomplicated, but because of what I am,
everything is about to change. In fact, things are about to get deadly.

Faeries are real and they want my blood. To make matters worse, I'm falling for one of them.

In a mythical and magical world, I'm about to discover the secrets of my past and the truths of my existence. At least, that is, if I can survive.


I wanted to like this book. I really did. I feel terrible giving it such a low rating but there were just too many things that pissed me off that I just couldn't give it a higher rating.

The Good: I liked the world of Durt that the author created. It was imaginative and I wanted to learn more about the different places and creatures that could be found there. The generally storyline was interesting. The whole thing with Ashe's blood and how basically every fae wants to kill her just because she was born was a good plot line and I was intrigued to find out why her blood was so special.

The Bad: Pretty much everything else :/ The characters I felt didn't show any development throughout the entire book. The romance was nauseating and that is saying something because I am a hopeless romantic. I just didn't get it. They knew each other for a week, barely spoke more than 5 words to each other and they're all of a sudden declaring their undying love for one another and how they would risk anything to be together. Like seriously?! I wanted to slap the two of them. You cannot feel that way about someone after a week!! Especially when this dude has been stalking you for god knows how long. The two of them pissed me off to no end! OK what else...the ending! Like how?! Ugh! There was also a lot of grammatical errors. I received an ARC copy so I don't know if these are in the final edition but some serious editing is needed. There are other things that pissed me off but I'll leave it at that or else I'll just keep going off on a rant for ages.

I really hate writing bad reviews and I'm really disappointed that I didn't like this book but that's just the way things go. I don't know if I'll read the next book when it comes out :/

*I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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